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Semi-Retired business executives

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Martha owns www.DueckHoldings.com - Commercial, Retail and Office Space in Arborg, MB

Just SOLD www.1555hwy210.com

www.RoyalTeulon.com - Forty 80-acre lots for sale

www.1914Henderson.com - 2400 sq ft luxury condo for sale

Other properties include a 1-bedroom condo on Queen Street near Polo Park Mall,
5 acres at 4994 Henderson on the river, plus 15 acres in St Adolphe on the river

www.ZephyrBus.com - Mass Transportation System of the Future

www.MicroSuiteHome.com - Affordable Housing Solutions

www.ZeroCO2Heat.com - True GreenHouseGas Reductions Solutions and CHP Systems

Other items of interest

Interesting Theory - Earth's Canopies Book
My Tribute to my dad W B Dueck
Obituary of my dad W B Dueck
Willie and Elizabeth Dueck Book
Willie and Elizabeth Dueck Picture

A Few Accomplishments

20+ patents 

Blog at www.RaymondDueck.com

Founding Partner of:

Former President of https://www.elgininnovation.ca/

Former President ProfitMaster Canada

Former Co-president of Vidir Manufacturing

Garage Gater Bicycle Storage Lift

V-Bins Farm Storage Solutions

Vivanue Farm Storage Solutions

Recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal