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             Renee went on a YWAM DTS from Vancouver to Asia after finishing Riverton High School with top honours receiving the Governor General’s Award.

After that she went on staff at WYAM Vancouver, and then joined the YWAM tour of the US called The Wave

             On Tuesday, June 21, 2005, Renee went to The Cleveland Clinic to have her sore legs checked out.

On Wednesday they had her come in to see a specialist.

On Thursday she had to go in for a bone marrow aspiration

On Friday she was admitted with Acute Leukemia

On Saturday we (her parents) flew to Cleveland and met her in the hospital there

On Tuesday we took her to NYC to be admitted to MSKCC

On Wednesday she started her first round of chemo 4x24 hr infusions, 5 days rest, followed by 4x24 hr infusions.  Before the end of the Induction Therapy she was hospitalized with all kinds of infections.

By Aug 13 she was well enough to get a weekend pass to attend her cousin’s wedding.  Then it was back to MSKCC for Consolidation Therapy. 

             By the end of that round she became seriously ill and had to be transported by ambulance on Sunday Sept 4, to ICU at NYP for treatment.  She was critcally ill for several days with a serious infection. Klebsiella is a bacteria that likes to strike when the immune system is weak and it is not that uncommon to cause pneumonia after chemo.

             By Thursday she was well enough to get transferred back to MSKCC

She will be hospitalized till her counts come back.  At some point a decision will be made about, if, and who, might be a donor for a bone marrow transplant.

             Renee’s goal to be well enough to attend a friend’s wedding on Sept 24 as not realized.  Her counts remained low for much longer than anticipated even though she was outwardly healthy, feeling good, and eating well.

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